Financial Times Creates Program to Amplify Advertising

Jan 18, 2012

Financial Times (FT) Ltd. has launched a global initiative in an effort to "ensure advertisers are getting the maximum return on their marketing investments." FT is also starting a corresponding marketing campaign that will appear in its newspaper, across its online editions, and in Haymarket Media Ltd.'s Campaign Asia-Pacific.

The advertising initiative includes a video presentation that demonstrates how advertising across both FT's print and digital formats can generate "bigger, faster, and smarter" results. Global commercial director and deputy CEO Ben Hughes said that marketing to consumers across platforms will "ensure maximum return on investment by increasing brand exposure ... while at the same time reducing cost per head...."

FT claims an average daily audience of 2.1 million readers, the vast majority of whom (1.47 million) read just the print edition and nearly 400,000 readers who stick to digital formats. The remaining 250,000 consume FT content across platforms. The video presentation is available at