FileNet Announces Records Manager

Aug 27, 2004


FileNet Corporation, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced availability of the company's newest ECM product suite, FileNet Records Manager. Built on the company's FileNet P8 ECM platform, FileNet's Records Manager suite offers customers a records management solution that is designed to help enforce compliance by automating and streamlining an organization's records-based procedures and reducing unnecessary end user participation in the processing of records.

FileNet Records Manager, powered by FileNet's ZeroClick technology, is designed to solve regulatory compliance challenges and manage risk by helping organizations: organize, securely store, and retrieve essential company records; automatically enforce records management policies; reduce organizational risk, lower operational costs, and improve productivity; comply with records retention policies; ensure expired records are destroyed in a legally acceptable manner; and reduce discovery and storage costs. The underlying functionality of FileNet ZeroClick is "Active Content," whereby content and business processes work together to facilitate and accelerate information exchange, and respond to business or transaction events. In this way, content is leveraged and "activated" as part of a business decision.