FightMe Launches iOS App

Aug 15, 2013

FightMe is a new competitive social video network. Users are able to showcase any talent, voice opinions, and get recognition. The London-based startup launched into private beta in early June, allowing its users to create 30-second, unedited, raw videos about whatever they want. Users can create bespoke hashtags to compete for the top spot, by showing off a talent, an opinion or by just getting creative and having fun. To get to the top of a leaderboard, users must get the most Applause on their video. A hashtag is a giant leaderboard for the whole world to Join In.

The FightMe App is now available for free from the App Store. The platform is also working with unsigned artists by using branded hashtags and creating competitions for their fans. These groups and individuals simply ask their followers to create an unedited 30 second video on FightMe with a specific hashtag. The fans can then post videos to this specific (sponsored) hashtag of themselves either performing, worshipping, or just being creative. The one with the most applause wins that hashtag. In the future, these same tools can be used by big brands, from running a campaign to promoting the release of a new product.