Feedster to Support Japanese RSS Feeds

Apr 14, 2006


Feedster and Basis Technology have announced the integration of Basis Technology's Japanese Base Linguistics module to support Feedster's ability to search and index Japanese RSS feeds for their syndicated content service.

Base Linguistics, a component of Basis Technology's Rosette Linguistics Platform (RLP), is featured in information retrieval and text mining applications and performs critical functions such as segmentation, decompounding, and part-of-speech analysis. A newly developed orthographic normalization capability of RLP enhances Base Linguistics by providing different spellings of common words, such as "color" and "colour" in English, to a single form. This allows search engines to find occurrences of any form of these words, which is a common and frequent instance in the Japanese language.

Feedster's syndicated content service can now search millions of RSS feeds in Japanese to provide Webpublishers with a Web-based tool that helps editors tailor aggregated feeds to generate new content and, as a result, new ad inventory. Editors can define how specific or broad the content subject parameters will be and have tools to offer subset content of larger topics. Using Feedster's standards-compliant XML-based feeds, this dynamic content can be a part of a publisher's Website, or a stand-alone feature. In Japan, these results will be accessible through mobile devices including cell phones.

(www.basistech.com; www.feedster.com)