FatWire Software Releases Content Server 6

Oct 15, 2004

FatWire Software, a provider of enterprise content management solutions for deploying content-centric applications, has announced the release of Content Server 6, the latest edition of its enterprise level software. Content Server 6 adds new features that are designed to help organizations speed multi-site deployments, increase reuse of existing assets, provide higher levels of security, and use Content Server in portal environments. This latest version of Content Server is available and shipping to customers immediately. Specific new and enhanced features include: Site Launcher, SAFE (Secure Authorization for Enterprise), Portal Integration, and InSite Editor 2.

Site Launcher allows administrators to duplicate an existing or prototype site within Content Server 6. When creating the new site, the user can specify whether the content, business logic, and workflows should be copied from or shared with the original site, depending on the level of reuse the company desires. Companies can use this feature to create a boilerplate site that can be used to rapidly create large numbers of similar sites. Another use is to duplicate a live site in order to develop the next version of that site.

SAFE is intended to increase the flexibility of the Content Server security model by allowing authorized users to control access to content at any level of the repository hierarchy, from broad categories down to individual assets. Specific functions, such as edit or approve, can be granted or denied at any level to ensure security of enterprise content assets.

Content Server 6 includes 17 pre-built portlets that are designed to make integration with enterprise portals fast and easy. These portlets support the new JSR 168 portlet standard that defines how portals interface with other systems. Included portlets allow users to complete content management tasks and processes (create, edit, approve, and publish) from within the portal environment.

InSite Editor 2 is an interface that enables content owners and marketing personnel to edit content in context, by making the changes directly on the delivered page within a site. Improvements allow users to make multiple changes on a page, review a summary of changes, and save or cancel all pending changes at once. In addition, it offers improved searching, adds support for workflow features, and integrates with SAFE to observe security policies.