Fastman Offers OpenText Content Server Information Governance With Updated Permissions Management Solution

Jun 14, 2018


Fastman a provider of access control and permissions management solutions for OpenText Content Suite, announced a significant update to its well-established Permissions Manager solution. By enabling Content Suite administrators and power-users to quickly see, manage, and change permissions on any individual item or an entire hierarchy within Content Server, Permissions Manager increases user satisfaction, reduces technical support overheads, and enables effective information governance processes.

The latest release of Permissions Manager extends support for Content Server 16's new SmartUI interface. As well as being able to view permissions through the Classic UI, Permissions Manager v10 now enables viewing of detailed permissions levels across hierarchies of folders and content items directly within the Smart UI interface. Additionally, Permissions Manager's replace User/Group functionality has been enhanced, allowing users to select an individual item or hierarchy of content and then replace a specific User or Group with another.