Factiva's Media Index Tracks Visibility of High-Profile Election Candidates

Sep 16, 2003

Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters company, has announced a new media visibility metric, the Factiva Index. The index is designed to provide a quantitative snapshot of the people, places, events, or companies covered by the media within a given time frame.

The Factiva Index launches with weekly updates tracking the print media visibility of 10 candidates in the California recall election. Each week, the Factiva Index will provide a ranking and a brief explanation of some of the election's candidates--including Cruz Bustamante, Gary Coleman, Mary "Mary Carey" Cook, Gray Davis, Larry Flynt, Leo Gallagher, Arianna Huffington, Tom McClintock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Peter Ueberroth--based on individual and collective mentions in the national and local print media. The first update covers the individual candidates' national and local print media mentions during all of August.  

The Factiva Index is compiled by using a categorization system that is designed to quickly track and monitor media and industry trends. Factiva can collect and index data from thousands of local, national, and international newspapers, newswires, magazines, and journals. The Factiva Index seeks to help news organizations provide accurate, relevant, and timely information of personal or professional interest. Editors and reporters can look for the California Recall Factiva Index via Business Wire beginning September 3, 2003, and continuing each Monday through October 7, 2003. Future Factiva Index topics will include a monthly snapshot of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, with the first installment on October 21, 2003.