Factiva Launches Factiva Search 2.0 & SalesWorks

Jan 20, 2006

Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, has announced the introduction of Factiva Search 2.0. Factiva Search 2.0 provides a user experience so that information workers can find the information they need to support business decisions.

Factiva Search 2.0 searches across Factiva's more than 9,000 authoritative sources, including The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and Reuters newswires, and more than 3,500 Web sites. This search delivers results organized by subjects, companies, industries and associated themes, and presented in a graphical format for interactive navigation. Additionally, the discovery functionality identifies trends and themes around search topics and terms. Factiva.com customers can currently experience Factiva Search 2.0 in a beta version.

The initial beta introduction includes results ranked by relevancy that can also be sorted by date in an alternative view. It provides contextual snippets where search results include the first occurrence of the terms so that users can determine if an article is relevant. Additionally, recommendations are offered for company names and correct spellings and searches that are recognized to include public companies will automatically surface stock quote information above the headlines.

Factiva has also announced Factiva SalesWorks for salesforce.com's AppExchange. Built on the AppExchange on-demand platform, Factiva SalesWorks for AppExchange is immediately available for test drive and deployment. Factiva SalesWorks for AppExchange provides sales professionals with company and executive information and news about prospects and customers, directly within their salesforce.com implementation. Salesforce.com subscribers can view a snapshot of a particular company or executive, allowing them identify and qualify prospects with in-depth company information, executive details, competitor analysis, and targeted news coverage.

(www.salesforce.com; www.factiva.com)

For more information, please see: http://www.infotoday.com/newsbreaks/nb060116-2.shtml