Factiva Introduces Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Taxonomy

Jul 18, 2003


Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, has announced the availability of a pharmaceutical and healthcare taxonomy with over 800 industry-focused terms, to help companies in those sectors organize and interpret information from both internal and external sources. According to Outsell's analyst Briefing, "Buyer Market Profile, Pharmaceutical Industry," content integration of large amounts of complex data is the biggest single content deployment challenge facing companies in the pharmaceutical industry today. Factiva's new pharmaceuticals and healthcare taxonomy and support services address this need, enabling pharmaceutical professionals and competitive intelligence departments to find internal and external information on topics such as business issues and trends, healthcare organization, and competitor news. The new taxonomy is structured as a series of extensions to the existing Factiva Intelligent Indexing taxonomy, as used within Factiva's business information services. Factiva's industry, region, subject, and company codes are already available under license to help organizations find internal and external information. The Factiva pharmaceuticals and healthcare taxonomy can be applied using Factiva Fusion, a content intelligence service, or can be integrated into other categorization and search software packages.