Factiva Expands Taxonomy Warehouse Partner Network

Dec 19, 2006

Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, has added three new partners to its Taxonomy Warehouse Partner Network. Austin, Texas-based Cycorp, Los Altos, Calif.-based Ibuki, and Paoli, Pa.-based Intellisophic join the Taxonomy Warehouse Partner Network, which currently includes Thomson Gale and WAND, to bring together a collection of taxonomies, thesauri, and classification schemes to its global customer community.

Taxonomy Warehouse is a community directory and information source for vocabularies. Visitors now have access from a single source to more than 650 taxonomies, produced by nearly 300 publishers in 40 languages, and arranged in 73 subject domains. Factiva's Taxonomy Warehouse partners bring the following to www.taxonomywarehouse.com and Factiva customers: Cycorp, whose integrated taxonomies include business, education, general finance, information technology, military, and counter-terrorism; Ibuki, which consists of a set of controlled vocabularies, particularly in the areas of corporate compliance, sensitive corporate information, intellectual property, and name authority files; and Intellisophic, includes more than 100 new taxonomies in the areas of medical and pharmaceutical information, computing, economics, environmental issues, finance, espionage and counter-terrorism, general knowledge, and law.

(www.taxonomywarehouse.com; www.factiva.com)