Factiva Enhances News and Decision Portal Software

Feb 14, 2003

Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters Company, has announced a new release of its news and decision portal software, Factiva Publisher. The new software is designed to save employees time by consolidating critical information into a single place. Users can manage their email and calendars, as well as track news and internal information, from their corporate portal. The enhanced software, which is built on an XML architecture, allows customers to integrate business news and information into the portal interface along with Microsoft Outlook and Web components.  Building on Factiva Select, customers can also publish news to their corporate portals and intranets using the software's content management tools. Factiva Publisher 3.8 is designed to be implemented as an out-of-the-box portal for enterprise content or integrated into an existing portal or intranet. This is ideal for small enterprises that need a straightforward portal solution that can be installed by a small Web development team. Likewise, larger organizations can use the software to plug Factiva news into an existing portal or intranet. Customers can hire Factiva Client Solutions to build upon Factiva Publisher's capabilities, or they can use their own development teams.