Factiva Enhanced with Search 2.0

Jun 20, 2006

Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters company, has announced enhancements to Search 2.0. Users can create their own Search 2.0 "home page" on the initial search screen, enabling them to select what news to display and where to display it.

When they first visit Factiva Search 2.0, users will find the initial search screen automatically populated with news from one of 13 global regions, as detected and defined by the user's browser language and/or IP address. Users can then further customize their homepage by adding, deleting, or moving content around the screen in order to create their ideal homepage. Content options include newspapers and magazines from Factiva News Pages, any Alerts the user has created and Editors Choice selections. Drag and drop functionality offers a way to move content around the screen. To save their personalization changes, users click Save and enter an email address.

Users can also change the order of charts and graphs in the Discovery Pane. Using drag and drop functionality, users can move Discovery objects around, such as replacing the article timeline with news clusters, so that their search results are most meaningful to them. Changes to the Discovery Pane will remain until changed again by the user. Also, users can export any Discovery Pane object from a search results page. Article timelines, most mentioned companies, and the other Discovery objects can be saved as image files and then included in reports, presentations, or email. Exported Discovery images include a Factiva watermark and are not live--which means that they will not allow viewers to click to underlying Factiva content. With the newest version of Factiva Developer's Kit, data behind the various Factiva Discovery Technology charts and graphs can be integrated into the workflow applications or portals as XML data (not images). Discovery data that is available for integration includes: Top five Subjects; Top five Sources; Top five Industries; Top five Companies; News clusters; and Keywords.

Other Factiva Discovery Technology elements that can be integrated by Factiva Developer's Kit including spell checking, company symbol recognition, company name recognition, and common alternative word spellings (i.e., globalisation, globalization). Content available through this capability is consistent with the current archive for Factiva Search 2.0 of 90 days. The Search 2.0-branded Search box can also be integrated into a user's environment with basic HTML. They can incorporate the Search 2.0 box into portals and intranets, customizing the look and feel as needed.