Factiva Completes Upgrade of Customers To New Factiva Products

Jul 08, 2003

Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters Company, have completed the upgrade of its customers to Factiva products and permanently switching off its legacy product lines, including Dow Jones Interactive (DJI), Reuters Business Briefing (RBB), and other related products. In June 2001, Factiva announced that it would upgrade existing DJI and RBB customers to newly launched Factiva.com by June 30, 2003. Throughout the upgrade period, customers have upgraded to a range of new Factiva products--choosing from research products such as Factiva.com, current awareness modules that can be integrated into corporate portals, or workflow products that embed global news and business information directly into business applications. The ability to rapidly create products that meet changing market needs is a direct result of Factiva's decision to build a next-generation product platform, rather than build upon either the DJI or RBB platforms. The new platform, launched two years ago, is Web Services-based and XML-enabled. Since 2000, Factiva has developed and launched 12 new products. Simultaneously, Factiva signed agreements with more than 800 publishers, making nearly 8,000 sources available as part of Factiva's global content collection, including The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times, and Handelsblatt.