Facilis Technology Unveils New Version of Multi-User Shared File Storage System

Feb 20, 2018

Facilis, an international supplier of shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, will introduce the latest version of its multi-user shared storage system at NAB 2018.

Facilis 7.1 says it improves its Web Console with more workflow and management tools, which include:

  • Server Status tab with historical per client and per volume bandwidth tracking, as well as overall server load monitoring
  • Changeable volume ownership for multi-server environments enables use of faster hardware when sharing volumes from older storage enclosures
  • Remote upgrades avoid installing new software on each client, upgrade all clients at once from the server interface
  • New permissions tab streamlines access to information about user account permissions.
  • Preferred Connection Address enables selectable routing of client connections for increased bandwidth or throttling.

In addition, according to the company, optimizations in the shared file system have resulted in 15-20% better speeds across each connection method. Clients will now load-balance automatically across any number of server uplinks, without teaming or bonding connections. In addition, Hub Server failover features enable no single point of failure in multi-server environments.