Facebook Sends Mysterious Invite, Rumor Mill Starts to Buzz, Stock Price Rises

Jan 10, 2013

Article ImageThe rumor mill is in overdrive thanks to a vague invitation from Facebook to reporters to "come see what we're building." The invite went out on Tuesday, and stocks started to rise on Wednesday while speculation ran wild. The event isn't scheduled until January 15, giving the media plenty of time to guess just what it is that Facebook is building -- and unlike an Apple event, it seems that no one actually knows what will be revealed.

Market Watch, however, has come up with a few ideas. A smartphone seems to be a popular theory, despite the company's repeated denials that it is getting into the hardware game. A search engine is also a possibility, according to Market Watch, which reports, "Bajarin thinks this effort is more likely, saying “'creating a search engine tied to the Facebook community would add great value to Facebook users.'” A more ambitious sounding music-sharing service, and perhaps most likely, an e-commerce platform are also possibilities.

The Wall Street Journal isn't willing to be so specific about its predictions, but it also wonders about the possibility of a phone:

"CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly quashed rumors that the company is building a Facebook phone, calling such a move 'wrong strategy.' However, people close to the company said Facebook has worked closely with handset manufacturers, such as HTC, to design phones, according to reports by The Wall Street Journal."

With several days still to go, it will be interesting to see what other ideas are tossed around before Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook crew reveal just what it is they're working on. Given Facebook's recent foray into Pinterest territory with its "Collections" it seems the social platform may, in fact, have its sights set on becoming the place you go to buy things -- to save users the troubles of opening another tab and surfing Amazon. It's almost certain, however, that the press will come up with many more interesting ideas than Facebook itself will actualy be able to deliver in this case.