Facebook Selects Rovi Data to Create a More Robust Digital Media User Experience

Apr 16, 2013

Rovi Corporation and Facebook announced that Facebook will be incorporating Rovi Video, a database that includes in-depth information on movies, TV shows, and celebrities, into the Facebook platform. The integration will offer app developers a standardized base of entertainment data for creating meaningful consumer apps and interaction with entertainment-related content. It will also help Facebook make better entertainment suggestions to users.

Rovi will enhance its current social media products by extending mapping of Rovi IDs to an expansive set of Facebook page IDs. This will make it easier for Rovi's customers to include links to the corresponding movie and TV show Facebook pages in their products.

Rovi has been the source of metadata behind entertainment devices, pay-TV services, and video and music applications for more than 50 years. Rovi Video, a subset of Rovi's entertainment database, includes descriptive information on over four million TV shows, movies, and sporting events.