Facebook Says Anonymous Not Behind European Outages

Oct 15, 2012

If you were in Europe on Friday and found that you couldn't access your Facebook account, you may have Anonymous to blame. Twitter users Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, and Norway reported Facebook outages. Subsequently, a Twitter account associated with the hacking group claimed responsibility, according to CBS News.

However, this was the same account that claimed responsibility for crashing GoDaddy and many of its client sites. GoDaddy later denied that it had been hacked at all. Facebook also says it wasn't hacked. Facebook tol CBS via email:

"Earlier today we made a change to DNS as part of a traffic optimization test, and that change resulted in some users being temporarily mis-routed. We detected and resolved the issue immediately, but a small number of users located primarily in Western Europe experienced issues accessing the site while the DNS addresses repopulated. We are now back to 100 percent, and we apologize for any inconvenience."