Facebook Rolls Out Collections

Oct 10, 2012

Just in case your online shopping carts don't make buying easy enough for you, Facebook is combining the visual interest of Pinterest with the purchasing power of Amazon. The social network rolled out "Facebook Collections" to some users - though it hasn't said how many - on Monday, October 8.

Some users may be seeing "Want" buttons in addition to the standard "Like." TechCrunch has instructions on how to get a preview of this function by visiting Pottery Barn's Facebook page. Users can indicate that they "Want" an item, and eventually follow through by buying.

But to further confuse the matter, Facebook has now rolled out the program to all of its users, but there are three different versions of "Collections" being tested. Considering some of the social network's financial struggles, this seems like a great way to bring in more revenue, however, as of now Facebook is not actually collecting a share of the purchases made. Instead, Facebook seems to be hoping it will be able to sell more ads to companies hoping to get more "Likes" for its page and views for collections.