Facebook Rolls Out App-Friendly Timeline Changes

Mar 13, 2013

It was, perhaps, inevitable that along with the changes Facebook announced to the News Feed last week, that Timeline changes - which were already being tested in New Zealand - would also be coming down the pipe. So it's no surprise that the company announced it would be rolling out these changes to select users starting today. As with the News Feed changes, Facebook appears to be moving back toward simplicity, and is putting an emphasis on the things users are actually interested in like apps.

Many of the changes are small. Your name will move, as will your "About" information. Status updates will be moved to the right side of your page, according to Mashable, while apps move to the left. Facebook's post about the changes attributes this user-feedback: "We heard from you that the current timeline layout is sometimes hard to read. Starting today, all posts are on the right side of your timeline, with photos, music and other recent activity on the left."

The apps move is important though, because as Engadget reports, those apps will be playing a bigger role in Facebook pages as you move forward. The new app-friendly layout will make it easier - or at least more visible - for people to share what they're reading, watching, or Instagraming with their friends by more prominently featuring apps like Goodreads or Netflix.