Facebook Paper: A Better Mobile Experience

Feb 04, 2014

It wasn't so long ago that I was writing about Facebook Stories as the social media giant's first steps into the content marketing game. Now Facebook is putting an even bigger emphasis on content, with Facebook Paper (check out this video to see what some experts think about the new app). The Flipboard-esque app is, in essence, just a sleeker way to get and share the same content you see in your normal Facebook feed-combined with a news reader.

Users-who are guided by voice prompts through this vastly different experience-can choose a number of categories that they may be interested in (i.e. Headlines, Tech, and Pop Life). Much of the Facebook Paper app is controlled through subtle movement-no back arrows here. Swiping up will take you to a story you like. Swiping down will take you back to the news feed. Tilting the phone to the left or right will help you check out photos-which seems like it could get annoying for those of us without sure hands.

Most of the main functionality of Facebook remains, but there are some limits. You won't be able to update your cover photo, for instance. This more sophisticated app is, no doubt, aimed at Facebook's adult audience which-if reports of teens jumping ship are any indication-is becoming a more important part of the company's strategy.