Facebook Messenger App Gets Rotten Reviews

Aug 12, 2014

Facebook warned users that it would be moving its messaging function out of its flagship mobile app and to its own app, but that didn't stop an outcry from happening when the change finally came. While the app quickly zoomed to the top of the iOS App Store charts it also received abysmal reviews-though some of those reviews seemed more like sour grapes than an actual critique of the app's functions. But privacy concerns are being raised as well.

Among other complaints, users seem angry about the app requiring access to your camera and microphone just to work, as well as its ability to change network connectivity and read your call log. (Business Insider detailed the full extent of the privacy concerns here.) These may seem innocuous until you realize that these changes enable your phone to take audio, video, and pictures without your explicit consent, and possibly share your call log data.

Of course, Facebook has responded after the disastrous rollout, detailing the perfectly innocuous (and obvious) uses behind these permissions. But in a world filled with NSA snooping, many users are not happy about the possible misuse of these features.