Facebook Launches Watch Party for Pages

Nov 29, 2018

Earlier this year Facebook launched Watch Party for Groups, which, according to Facebook’s blog, allows “people, creators, and publishers to watch, discuss and react to playlists of videos together in real time, in a shared space.” Now, it is extending this capability to pages.

Facebook says Watch Party has been a big succes. Specifically, the company says “there have been more than 12 million Watch Parties in Groups, and Watch Parties garner eight times as many comments than non-live videos in Groups.” 

How exactly are creators using Watch Party? “WWE has been engaging fans outside of the U.S. with WWE's Mixed Match Challenge (live matches every Tuesday exclusive to Facebook Watch), by re-airing the previous night's episode in Watch Parties. In regions where the timing of the live airing is in unfavorable, the WWE utilizes Watch Parties on their main WWE, regional, and Superstar pages to ensure their universe of fans can connect with each other.”

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