Facebook Home Reviews Off to a Bad Start

Apr 15, 2013

Facebook was probably hoping it had satisfied the rumors of a Facebook phone when it introduced Facebook Home, but early reviews would suggest that users aren't exactly satisfied. After hitting the Google Play store on April 12, Facebook Home has a mere 2.5 star rating -- with nearly half of the people who have downloaded the app giving it just 1 star.

User reviews like this one suggest this may not be the innovative mobile strategy Facebook enthusiasts were looking for:

"Not an intuitive app. Made my phone so frustratingly complicated to use that I uninstalled after just four or five hours. Unless major changes are made including an easy way to get to my home screen I will not reinstall"

There are, of course, some fans who point out that the app does exactly what it claims to do:

"This app is pretty awesome for seeing content from your friends as soon as you turn on your phone. 5 stars!"

The relative success of the app will likely come down to whether or not people are willing to give up their homescreens, and let Facebook all but take over their phones in the long term. If the reaction to the product's commercials are any indicator, reviews may remain mixed.


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It would be understandable if the rumors of a Facebook phone finally coming to fruition on April Fools Day didn't quite grab your attention - after all, we've heard this before. But Facebook is, in fact, holding an Android-centric event on its campus on Thursday, April 4. The press invite was predictably and tantalizingly vague saying, "Come see our new home on Android." Speculation began immediately.
This time around the rumor mill wasn't so far off from the truth. During an April 4 event, Facebook debuted Home, a custom homescreen for Android phones. Not quite the phone many had predicted, but not totally unrelated. Users of one of these phones will see a Cover Feed when they wake up the device, and all of their friends updates -- links, photos, etc. -- will be right there on the homescreen. And instead of having to open an app to use Instagram or Facebook messenger, users will be able to do all of those things straight from the homescreen of a phone with Home downloaded on it.