Facebook Brings 60 Apps to Timeline

Jan 23, 2012

Facebook has unleashed more than 60 apps for its Timeline interface, allowing its 800 million-plus users to more fully integrate their social experiences outside of Facebook into their profile. The first batch of apps has been provided by companies and services like Ticketmaster; Pinterest, from Cold Brew Labs, Inc.; Foodspotting; and TripAdvisor, LLC.

As one example, someone reading an ebook from Kobo, Inc. can share passages with his Facebook friends. The app also will automatically track which books he is reading and connect him with other Facebook users reading the same books.

Facebook introduced the Timeline interface at the end of 2011 and has since been releasing apps such as a "Listen with" button that lets up to 50 members listen to songs at the same time. Facebook has reportedly had its eye on a potential IPO in the coming months that could raise an estimated $10 billion, bringing the social networking giant's value to more than $100 billion.