Facebook Announces Updates for Advertisers and Users

Jul 09, 2015

Facebook announced changes for both advertisers and users this week. According to a blog post, Facebook updated the controls for users' newsfeed. Meanwhile, the company changed the way it will charge advertisers.

 Users will be getting some control of their newsfeeds back from Facebook, because as the blog post said, "We know that ultimately you're the only one who truly knows what is most meaningful to you..." Users can now select friends and page to see first, and Facebook has updated its tools that allow users to follow and unfollow individuals and companies. It also now offers a "Discover New Pages" feature.

Meanwhile, advertisers will no longer be paying for engagement, meaning they will not be charged for likes, shares, and comments. Instead, they will only be charged when people actually click through on their ad. This includes clicks on buttons like "Shop Now", as well as clicks that install apps or take users to outside videos.