Facebook Announces Open Stream API

Apr 28, 2009

Facebook announced that it is opening the core Facebook platform with the new Facebook Open Stream API. With the Facebook Open Stream API users will be able to use applications to read and interact with their stream. Facebook developers will be able to access the posts they've published into the stream and display them in their application, whether it's on a mobile device, website, or desktop. To enable developers to access the stream, Facebook built the Facebook Open Stream API to include the emerging Activity Streams standard. In addition to the Activity Streams interface, the Open Stream API includes new APIs called stream.get and stream.publish and new FQL tables that enable developers to directly access the stream. With these new methods, developers can access the stream on behalf of a user and then filter, remix, and display the stream back to that user however they choose. Other new API methods will allow users to both publish into the stream and to add comments and "likes" to posts in the stream.