Facebook Announces Newsfeed Update

Aug 22, 2017

More changes are coming to your Facebook newsfeed. In a post on its website, Facebook announced a number of changes, starting with comment updates. The company says it will now be easier to see which comment are direct replies to another person. Facebook also says it's doing a number of things to make the newsfeed generally more readable:

  • Increased color contrast for typography
  • Larger link previews
  • Larger icons and Like, Comment, and Share buttons
  • Circular profile pictures to show who’s posting or commenting

Other changes, all aimed at making navigation easier, include the ability to see where a link will take you. Facebook says it will be easier to see whose post you’re responding to, and to get back to your newsfeed via more prominent back button.

All of these changes seem aimed at making Facebook friendlier for older, possibly less web savvy users. This move makes sense, as report about teens leaving Facebook for other platforms, like Snapchat, continue to abound.