Facebook Acquires Gowalla

Dec 05, 2011

On Friday, CNN reported that Facebook bought Gowalla, a location-sharing service. It wasn't until yesterday that both companies confirmed the deal: Facebook released an official statement and Gowalla announced the acquisition on its blog, according to paidConent. Details have not been disclosed.

Gowalla will close in January 2012. Its employees will reportedly join Facebook in Palo Alto, Calif., and assist in the development of Facebook's Timeline feature, which launched at its f8 conference in September.

Gowalla is available on the web and for iPhone and Android smartphones. Gowalla offers "social guides" to places and cities across the globe by aggregating user data and recommendations. Users can also follow their friends and add themselves to their friends' stories.

(www.gowalla.com, www.facebook.com)