FLEXSTOR to Release FLEX-db DAM Technology Into Open Source

Apr 29, 2003

FLEXSTOR has announced plans to release its base FLEX-db Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology into the Open Source community. The company plans to post the source code by the end of the third quarter of 2003. This strategy is designed to accelerate development enhancements with the associated level of software quality control that comes from Open Source initiatives.

The two founding sponsors with FLEXSTOR on this Open Source initiative are Fort Dearborn Company and Rorke Data, Inc., a subsidiary of Bell Microproducts, Inc.. FLEXSTOR is in discussions with potential sponsors from the business and government communities and seeks other sponsors to solicit advice and support on the future direction of the FLEX-db Open Source initiative. The FLEXSTOR architecture is designed to provide users with an extensible core of functionality built around open standards. It can serve as both an application infrastructure to be extended, or

alternatively, can be deployed in its simplest form as a turnkey solution. The FLEXSTOR product suite is an enterprise-wide, DAM solution built upon JAVA and object-based extensible Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) architecture. The software is composed of internally developed software modules and integrated foundation technology products including other Open Source products. FLEXSTOR offers its users a multi-tiered J2EE application architecture designed for Internet-based, multi-platform workstation clients. The software provides local and remote access, automatic identification, distributed multi-level hot-folder capability, as well as management of the import, indexing, export, archiving, and distribution of digital files.

The FLEXSTOR solution is comprised of 3 separate technologies: FLEX-db, FLEX-dbLink, and FLEX-si. FLEX-db--Digital Asset Management technology which ingests digital files, updates metadata tables, creates thumbnails, and processes files according to business rules and logic. FLEX-db is currently comprised of 70 services such as: archive, cut, copy, paste, convert, check in, check out, update, move, delete etc. FLEX-dbLink--Allows digital files stored on any server to be made part of a virtual global repository using peer-to-peer technology. FLEX-si--Service Initiated technology allows processes within FLEXSTOR and other applications to be linked together, and triggered by changes in metadata to create custom workflows without requiring custom code to be written.