FIZ Karlsruhe launches RDISCLOSURE on STN International

May 13, 2003

FIZ Karlsruhe, a European provider of information services and partner of STN International, has launched RDISCLOSURE, a non-patent prior art database that contains disclosures going back decades. The new database is targeted at industrial patent searchers, legal firm,s and individual inventors wishing to locate prior art, check forpatentability, or undertake validity or opposition searches.

Produced by Kenneth Mason Publications Ltd. in the UK, RDISCLOSURE provides the full text including images of technical disclosure records from the defensive publication journal Research Disclosure. For over 40 years Research Disclosure has been considered a primary rapid-disclosure mechanism for companies and individual inventors wishing to place their research findings in the public domain. The Database RDISCLOSURE covers descriptions of inventions from all areas of science and technology, i.e. all classes of the IPC, and contains records from 1960 to the present. It is updated monthly. Current awareness alerts (SDIs) are also available monthly.

The records comprise the title, a detailed description and illustrations of the invention, as well as a statement as to whether the invention is disclosed anonymously or by company name. The full text is loaded in ASCII for search and display. Page images of the complete records including all illustrations can be displayed in TIFF format.

STN International can be accessed by dialing into STN's online service using its user-friendly client software STN Express with Discover! Alternatively, it can be accessed directly over the Internet using a standard Web browser