FIZ Karlsruhe Enhances Conference Information Service for Intranets

Apr 30, 2004

FIZ Karlsruhe, producer and provider of sci-tech databases and European service center of the online service for sci-tech information STN International, has announced enhancements to its conference information service for intranets. Users may now choose among three options: CONFnet - a searchable database with conference previews reaching to the year 2010; CIS - a customized html version; or raw data for free use in the corporate intranet. A free weekly newsletter for CIS users and buyers of raw data, CLOU, is also available.

The new service, CONFnet, is designed to cover all subject areas of science and technology and offer easy access to the world of conferences via a database with search functions. It is updated weekly and contains approximately 7,000 conference previews, reaching beyond the year 2010. Relevant information can be found quickly and efficiently through a concise search mask, e.g. using German or English keywords, a standardized classification or searching by country or conference date. No special retrieval language is required. CIS and CONFnet may either be integrated into corporate intranets or linked to the FIZ Karlsruhe server.

The CLOU (Conferences Look Out) newsletter for CIS customers and buyers of raw data, is an alert service with new information from the CONF database. The conferences are announced in an html file (just title, venue, and date). This service can help to keep intranet news sections up to date and regularly promote the conference service the customer has subscribed to.

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