FIZ Karlsruhe Adds Korean Patents to Portfolio

Dec 21, 2004

FIZ Karlsruhe, a European provider of information services, and European partner of science and technology online service STN International, has added KOREAPAT, a new bibliographic file covering Korean patents, to its product portfolio. Together with the Japanese patent database JAPIO, STN now offers two sources of patent information from Asia.

KOREAPAT (Korean Patent Abstracts), produced by the Korean Institute of Patent Information (KIPI) on behalf of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), is a patent database which provides access to Korean patent information from all areas of science and technology in the English language. The database covers Korean examined patents (B-documents) from 1979-2001 and Korean unexamined patents (A-documents) from 2000 onwards. KOREAPAT records contain inventor and assignee data, publication information, and International Patent Classification codes. Titles and abstracts in English language, newly phrased by the KIPO, add to the informative value. Images of representative drawings are also included. The database currently contains more than 485,000 records and is updated four to five times per year. Records appear about 4 months after publication in Korea.

All information in KOREAPAT can be accessed through STN's search functions. Search terms may be entered individually, or logically concatenated in a combined search. Only results matching all predefined criteria are retrieved. Simultaneous left and right truncation (searches using the root of a word, with prefixes and/or suffixes substituted by question marks) is also possible. Full-text publications on the searched subjects can be ordered online, using the STN Full-Text-Solution providing connections to various document delivery services, or through FIZ Karlsruhe's document delivery broker service FIZ AutoDoc (