FIZ CHEMIE and TIB Hannover Partner for Archiving of Multimedia Elements

Nov 28, 2006

The German Chemistry Information Centre, FIZ CHEMIE Berlin and the German National Library of Science and Technology, TIB Hannover, have agreed on cooperating for the archiving and sustainable provision of multimedia elements. The content of the cooperation involves both political and organizational, as well as library science and information technology activities. The focus is the compiling of a central archive and verification system for non-text digital media.

It is intended to take advantage of the new technical possibilities, to provide valuable printed works to an international customer group in digital form. Corresponding solutions are to be developed within the scope of the cooperation. The main element is the central archiving and verification system. FIZ CHEMIE will handle the development of concepts and standards for storing, archiving, and adapting the indexing and the retrieval of digital materials and will ensure the operational handling. TIB will collect the digital materials, register them by DOI code, if applicable, verify them in its catalogues and databases, and provide them via the TIB portal and order system.