FIZ CHEMIE Digitizes Oldest Chemistry Journal

Aug 31, 2010

FIZ CHEMIE reported that it has, with the help of InfoChem's data-mining technologies, digitized the contents of the oldest abstracts journal published in the field of chemistry, Chemisches Zentralblatt. The journal was published for about 140 years beginning in the early 19th century, highlighting research progress in pharmaceutical science and chemistry. The newly created Chemisches Zentralblatt Structure Database enables users to search the journal according to full-text, structure, and substructure, with access to approximately 900,000 page images and roughly 2 million abstracts

The database is offered in the form of both a web application and an in-house system. The web application is hosted on the InfoChem server and accessible on a license basis. The in-house system gives customers the opportunity to integrate the database's PDFs into their company systems.