FCG Launches FirstDoc Version 3.0

Mar 05, 2004

First Consulting Group, Inc. (FCG) has announced the launch of Version 3.0 of FirstDoc, an enterprise content management (ECM) solution suite in the life sciences industry. The newest version offers functional, usability and navigation enhancements. FirstDoc is the cornerstone of FCG's consulting, technology, and outsourcing services that are designed to help life sciences leaders improve return on investment at all phases in the drug development lifecycle. FirstDoc provides a unified platform for managing content across all business functions, including R&D, clinical trials, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and medical information communications.

FirstDoc 3.0 offers usability improvements designed to significantly improve the user experience by providing greater ease of navigation and simplification of application functions. With the 3.0 release of FirstDoc, FCG sought to address typical problem areas within the pharmaceutical enterprise. With the system's new capabilities, companies can streamline submissions, increase ease of publishing, and ensure greater levels of compliance through enhanced system and security checks.

The FirstDoc Enterprise platform, the foundation layer for the suite of FirstDoc functional enterprise content management modules, has migrated to the latest version of the Documentum Webtop user interface (Version 5.2.2). In addition, FirstDoc had several new functionality additions, including the ability to create documents through the use of virtual document templates, to transition multiple documents to a new lifecycle state, and to further align the Web and desktop client interfaces, allowing an organization to choose which to deploy. In addition to FirstDoc R&D and GMP, there are three other modules in the suite: FirstDoc Clinical Trials, FirstDoc Marketing & Sales, and FirstDoc MedInfo.