FAST Unveils New Specialized Search Options

Oct 08, 2002

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of real-time search and filter technologies, has announced the availability of several new features on, FAST's search technology showcase. These new features, available on AlltheWeb's Advanced Search page include: Regional Filtering: users can restrict their search results to include documents from particular regions of the world, enabling them to solve language issues when performing searches; Document Depth Filtering: enables users to specify the level of depth their search is performed within a given Web server (for example, if a user is searching for information that they believe would be found on a home page, they would search on the top level); Embedded Content Search: provides for highly specialized searches for information containing embedded content such as images, audio, video, VBScript, RealMedia, JavaScript code, Java applets, as well as Macromedia Flash animations and Flash content; and Personal Homepage Search: users can specifically retrieve personal homepages in their search results. FAST is also improving the visual relevancy of AlltheWeb's search results. Now, users will be able to preview the context in which their search term appears within the page. Already made available to FAST portal customers such as Lycos, AlltheWeb's visual relevancy helps users find the context of their search query within the results presented to them by highlighting these terms.

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