FAST Unveils FAST ImPulse Dynamic Merchandising Solution

Oct 12, 2004

FAST Search & Transfer, a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has announced FAST ImPulse, an enterprise search, navigation, and merchandising software solution for B2B and B2C ecommerce applications. FAST ImPulse is designed to give ecommerce business managers an out of the box solution that provides control over site navigation and merchandising.

Leveraging FAST's Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP), FAST ImPulse is intended to provide business managers with the ability to understand and react to buyers in real-time, using business analytics and reporting. The search and navigation features of FAST ImPulse include advanced product search including: linguistics analysis; flexible, multidimensional navigation; personalized merchandising to provide individually relevant promotions; and dynamic, location sensitive promotions.

One component of FAST ImPulse is its ability to help business managers better understand how people are shopping on their site. Extensive reporting and analytics give the business managers and executives insight into what people are doing and not doing. From determining what searches are being performed to measuring the effectiveness of promotions, FAST ImPulse makes information available in real-time, allowing business managers to tune the system.