EyeWonder Launches G3 Version of EyeStudio Streaming Media Authoring Software

Nov 08, 2002

EyeWonder Inc. has launched EyeStudio 3.0, an upgrade of its authoring software that enables advertising agencies to produce online video-enabled advertising and email campaigns. Built on EyeWonder's proprietary EYERIS G3 technology; EyeStudio 3.0 is designed to enable advertisers to cut, copy, or paste images, text, video, and audio to build online ads, multimedia presentations, or other marketing applications. The new EyeStudio units can be previewed before or after encoding, and when completed, the projects can be published directly to a Web page or sent via email. EyeStudio is intended to measure user interaction and viewing time of audio and video messages to help reveal the total impact and effectiveness of campaigns. EyeStudio ads meet all current rich media standards for serving, and have been tested and served through ad serving systems, including DART for Advertisers/Publishers, AOL Adserver, and Yahoo! EyeStudio 3.0 for Windows XP, 98SE, 2000 is available immediately. The retail price is $1,499 for the full versions of each platform. The upgrade price for registered users is $549.