Extract IM Messages For Forensic or Parental Control Purposes

May 06, 2008


Belkasoft has announced Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer 1.01. This tool extracts instant messages and provides a clear detailed record of all conversations for your review. Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer extracts history of messages for most popular messengers, such as ICQ (97a to ICQ6), Microsoft MSN/LiveMessenger, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, MySpace IM, &RQ, Miranda, SIM, QIP, AIM, and Google Hello. The messages can be installed on the local computer, or history files stored on removable drives, CD disks and mapped network disks, including Encase drives.

All information revealed by Belkasoft's tool can be exported into various formats - HTML, XML, and TXT. The advanced keyword detection feature lets you search through all instant messages for a specific word or a set of words.Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer may also be used as a parental control tool to review messages your kid sent via internet.