Extensis Unveils Portfolio Workflow Automation for Digital Asset Management

Jan 31, 2018

Extensis announced Portfolio Workflow Automation, a new solution for Extensis Portfolio that aims to turn time-consuming digital asset management (DAM) tasks into automated workflows. At the heart of Portfolio Workflow Automation is Corbit, a flexible automation engine. Developed and recently launched by Extensis’ partner Laidback Solutions AB, Corbit can automate nearly any type of workflow in DAM or with adjacent systems. Users can easily set up triggers to activate tasks, such as retrieving assets from an FTP server, converting them to another format, saving them in a folder structure, emailing notifications, facilitating approvals, updating assets with metadata, or combining them all into a single process.

Whether working in Portfolio, Extensis’ core digital asset management solution, or using it with other business systems such as Universal Type Server, DAM system administrators can automate a series of tasks with a simple action, or have them triggered by a monitored system change.

Among the ways organizations can automate workflows are:

  • Clean Bulk Asset Ingestion
  • Creative Project Approval Processes
  • File Conversion and Asset Distribution
  • Managed Asset Lifecycle