Extensis Unites Patented Font Technology with Digital Asset Management

May 24, 2018

Extensis, a provider of digital asset, font, and image management solutions, released the industry’s first digital asset management (DAM) solution with font recognition capabilities. Leveraging its patented Font Sense technology, Extensis’ DAM solution--Extensis Portfolio--now detects digital assets that include the unique font IDs created with its font management solutions, Suitcase Fusion, Suitcase TeamSync, and Universal Type Server. This allows users to organize and search their digital assets by specific fonts. This is helpful for projects such as rebranding when organizations must identify and access all of their brand assets that need updating.

With deep roots in font management, digital asset management, image management, and geospatial compression technologies, Extensis has a unique understanding of fonts and imagery and how to maximize the value of these brand assets.

Recently, the company converged image compression and geospatial mapping within Extensis Portfolio, delivering a DAM solution with advanced file compression, zoom-technology, geo-referencing and map views. With the further addition of font technology into Extensis Portfolio, this not only expands capabilities for traditional DAM workgroups but extends the value into new industries such as printing, geospatial, infrastructure, departments of transportation, tourism, agriculture, and engineering.