Extensis Developing New Product to Support Web Fonts

Apr 22, 2010

Extensis, a division of Celartem Inc., announced that they have begun testing a new web font service that enables commercial web designers to incorporate custom fonts into websites. Previously, font use on the web was limited to the few standard fonts installed on a reader's machine. For typographic flexibility, designers most often have resorted to static text images in their designs. This text is not easily updated, and could not be indexed or searched.

Web browsers now support the use of custom fonts on websites, but different browsers support different web font formats. Extensis's service lets a designer choose their preferred typeface from the service, which then generates the necessary CSS to be placed into their web code. Any visitor to the website is instantly "delivered" the chosen fonts.

Extensis recently launched an invitation-only technology preview for over 100 web design experts and typography industry thought-leaders. The number of technology preview participants will continue to expand over the spring as testing continues.