ExtendMedia and KickApps Integrate UGC With Online Video Commerce

Jun 15, 2007

ExtendMedia Corporation and KickApps Corporation have announced an integrated solution that allows digital media content distributors to add user-generated content and social networking features to their online video businesses. The offering combines ExtendMedia’s digital content services platform, OpenCASE, with KickApps’ private-label social media platform. By using this integrated offering, digital content distributors and retailers can put the viral effect of a complete social media experience to work within their online video storefront--designed to enable the monetization of user-generated or “prosumer”-generated content. The joint ExtendMedia--KickApps offering is designed to allow rights holders and distributors to launch and control full-blown, branded community portals that include social networking functionality, viral syndication features, and widgets within an integrated platform and storefront for commercializing online video. By leveraging the combined assets of each firm, the offering is designed to allow user-generated content to live side-by-side with brand-sensitive commercial content--while both are appropriately managed, controlled, and monetized.