Exsys Corvid Advisory Tool Runs with Handheld Mobile Devices

Oct 17, 2006

Exsys Inc., a developer of knowledge automation expert systems software, has announced that its Expert Systems Advisory Tool will run on HP iPAQ pocket PCs. Company employees working off-site, in the field, or on-the-road can obtain system support, providing situation-specific answers, advice, and recommendations on its handheld mobile devices. The new capability is designed to enable companies to capture and provide decision support expertise on handheld mobile devices in areas including diagnostics, sales support, and regulatory compliance. Expert knowledge can be obtained by sales people on the road as well as technicians, researchers, field repair personnel, and even customers. On-the-go workers can access individualized answers to their questions, 24/7, wherever and whenever they are needed.

Expert systems use the same logic and process as a human expert to analyze the problem at hand and provide answers. Expert systems are computer programs that follow a process to reach conclusions and make consistent recommendations--capturing the decision-making logic and process of a human expert to develop interactive systems that provide answers for each individual situation. Development and deployment of these systems uses Corvid software v3.4 or higher, and an iPAQ supported with IBM WebSphere Java VM installed. Corvid generates all the required files, which only need to be moved to the iPAQ to run the advisory systems. Corvid systems can also be delivered via websites and corporate intranets, and they are also distributed as standalone applications running on PCs. All Exsys licenses include one year of software updates and technical support.