Exponential Interactive Acquires Video Ad Innovator AdoTube

Sep 15, 2011

Exponential Interactive Inc. completed the acquisition of AdoTube, a centralized end-to-end digital video solution that offers publishers and advertisers access to proprietary in-stream video advertising. Applying an audience platform from Tribal Fusion, which provides advertising based on data, audience insights, and targeting, AdoTube will leverage Exponential Interactive's footprint across 23 countries to expand its global presence.

Among other innovations, AdoTube introduced the "Polite Pre-Roll," which lets video viewers choose when to watch the advertisement at the beginning of a video. Exponential Interactive's existing video advertising opportunities include Firefly Video, which offers a cost-per-engagement model that leverages a global display inventory from Tribal Fusion, which is also under ownership of Exponential Interactive. Exponential Interactive will operate AdoTube as an independent entity.

(www.exponential.com, http://adotube.com)