Expert System Extends the Cogito API Portfolio

Nov 20, 2014

Expert System, a provider of semantic technology, announced the availability of the Cogito API, now including fashion, advertising, intelligence, and media/publishing Applications. Cogito API enables a business' to organize, link, find and understand unstructured information within corporate intelligence, CRM, human resources, data management, knowledge management and social media monitoring applications.

Using Cogito API, the topics, concepts, entities, relationships and sentiment expressed in any massive collection of text can be analyzed and understood. The output is exported as XML, RDF, or another format and made ready to use in enterprise solutions ranging from customer care, sentiment analysis, and advanced business intelligence.

Cogito API is available in CORE, or in PACK allowing with just one call the capability to integrate CORE APIs for different industry taxonomies and sectors such as fashion, advertising, defense/intelligence and media/publishing. Developers, start-ups, solution providers and system integrators can choose the solution that best suits their needs or combine different solutions.