Experian Introduces Small Business Intelliscore and Business Owner Profile Reports

Jun 05, 2007

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Experian, a global information services company, has redesigned its Small Business Intelliscore and Business Owner Profile reports to provide more detail. The Small Business Intelliscore report combines information on both the business and the business owner to forecast small-business delinquency. The Business Owner Profile Report takes a look at the personal credit profile of the business owner. Both reports are designed to help clients better understand a small-business credit profile by including vital information on the business and the business owner in a HTML layout. As part of the new design, Experian has incorporated additional graphics and tradeline reporting options that provide a reference to a small business’s payment performance or blended credit score at a glance. In addition to the new layout and design, the new reports provide clients with: an executive summary of legal filings, delinquent payment information, trade payment information, and inquiries of the business owner; total legal and collection balances for signatories; twenty-four-month payment history grid providing month, year, and payment status; and enhanced tradeline detail.