Exalead Releases CloudView 360

Dec 14, 2010

Dassault Systèmes announced that its subsidiary Exalead, a provider of search-based application platforms, is an extended package of CloudView modules developed specifically to integrate information from legacy CRM, ERP, HR enterprise applications, PLM systems and web content. The package, named CloudView 360, is built around Exalead's CloudView version 5 search technology and adds semantic processing and information mash-up capabilities to help create complete views of enterprise status and direction.

CloudView 360 provides a comprehensive view of customers, products, and processes and can extract information from all relevant enterprise applications, collaboration applications, and the web. CloudView 360 semantically relates key business activity relationships such as customer relationship records, past transactions, and customer service dialogues. Results of user queries can be mashed-up into dashboards and real-time executive summaries that include traditional charts and graphs, descriptive extracts, key facts, relationship graphs and web-oriented representations such as word clouds.