Exalead Announces exalead one: enterprise 4.0

Mar 10, 2006

Exalead, a provider of search software, has announced the release of exalead one:enterprise 4.0. New features for this release of exalead one:enterprise, include: performance increases where indexing and search performance has been increased by a factor of three for large document collections (up to two hundred million documents on a single server); new integration with exalead one:desktop where exalead one:desktop, one:workgroup and exalead one:enterprise software products offer a unified view of information whether it resides on one's PC, company Intranet or the Web; enhanced configurability, Exalead has implemented a new HTTP crawler configuration tool to allow administrators to have a better control of the crawler's behavior; tighter security where a refined security infrastructure allows for a finer-grained control of the access control list (ACL) of any document, including Windows or UNIX files, Lotus Notes items, database entries and HTML pages; increased flexibility, support for custom style sheets (CSS) allow administrators to customize the Exalead user interface, and take full control of the style and layout; support for more industry standards.

Exalead's software products and user-interfaces also now include support for W3C specifications, including the W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative); real-time filtering technology, where Exalead enterprise products feature a real-time filtering technology infrastructure. This technology provides a unified integrated tool that can be used for lexical, grammatical, structural (XML-based) and business-rules-based filtering. It can be used for advanced applications (semantic indexing, feature extraction and classification); advanced semantic technologies, Exalead offers named entity recognition (people, places, dates, currency); thesaurus integration; a document categorization module based on Exalead's filtering technology; and a new open architecture for integrating third-party semantic indexing technologies; advanced query capabilities and linguistics with spelling suggestion, phonetic and proximity search, fuzzy matching, word stemming, multi-language search, automatic phrase detection, automatic translation, regular expressions, NEAR operator, and more; extended multilingual support with more than 49 languages, including native support of Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian languages. An open architecture for word tokenization has also been added to support special linguistic needs; and configuration, where a point-and-click configuration user interface now has an expert mode and a RAD tool (Rapid Application Development) for complex applications. The configuration module is now also fully remote-controllable via Web Services APIs. exalead one:enterprise 4.0 is available on Exalead's Web site. Pricing begins at $18,000.