Exalead Announces CloudView OEM Edition 5.0

Jan 30, 2009

Exalead, a provider of information access software, announced the availability of CloudView OEM Edition 5.0, a search and information application development platform designed for ISVs and SaaS providers. Exalead CloudView OEM Edition 5.0 offers semantic technologies that automatically analyze, categorize, enhance, and align structured and unstructured data. The natural language processing modules (lemmatization, dynamic categorization, spell-checking, spell suggestions, etc.) are designed to evolve automatically and in real-time. CloudView OEM Edition 5.0 is an SOA and WOA-compliant development platform that has been designed to be embedded into other software offerings. Its modular architecture allows product architects to selectively include only those components that are required for their functional needs. Exalead CloudView OEM Edition 5.0 is currently tested to support 500+ terabytes of data per server cluster and 100 million documents on a single server. It is capable of indexing 30 million database objects in 10 hours and 60 gigabytes of mail data in a single hour; and can also index with speeds of up to 9000 documents per second.